Thursday, January 15, 2009

School Starts Again!

The new semester of school has started and I'm finding myself traveling back and forth to go to school, and also teaching a bunch of rambunctious and hillarious 7th graders. For my new semester of going to school I am seriously hoping I enjoy it as much as I did last semester. But we'll see. So far I've been late to one class and another was cancelled because of snow. go figure.

One of my new courses is an instructional technology course and one of the assignments is that I maintain several blog postings. At first I thought, AHA! this will be easy, I'll just post on Shazam in the Kitchen the mandatory three times and be done with it. But then I thought about things and decided that people who are oohing and ahhing over fancy bread with salami and cheese embedded in it aren't terribly interested in what I have to say the challenges of creating a desktop movie will be. Well, maybe one brussel sprout loving person or two, but for the most part, probably not other than an occasional amusing anecdote.

So I created a new blog. It will be linked to the other and more delicious blog, but this one will contain my reflections that are assigned for the course as well as what I find to be interesting tidbits about my experiences with teaching. And like my other blog, I will continue to maintain anonymity for my husband and my small town and probably those students that I might mention. SO hang on. This could be an interesting (and I meant that in a good way) ride.

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